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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

ARC Review: Dark Sacrifice by Angie Sandro

Book 2 of Angie Sandro’s Dark Paradise series picks up right where we left off with Dark Paradise. Mala is still in the Looney bin and Landry is still in prison. This one is just as good if not better than the first. Mala and Landry must face the aftermath of the atrocities his family brought on to Mala’s. Not to mention all the flirting and teasing between the two pays off with a sweet, sexy and romantic scene.

Mala has learned some control over her abilities, not a lot just enough to ignore all the ghost haunting the mental ward of the hospital and convince her doctor she is not insane. Her nightly out of body experiences always take her to check up on Landry in prison, the last one she witness Landry’s cell mate trying to murder him. Mala wakes up screaming thinking Landry has died. The day before she is scheduled to leave her former boss comes to her and admits a big secret *no spoilers* that totally throws her for a loop that shines George, her first crush, in a whole new light. Landry just barely survived the attack, he did die and he came back but he didn’t come back alone. When Mala is released she visits him in the hospital and they both find out he now shares Mala’s special ability of seeing the dead.

With nowhere else to go and the whole town blaming Landry for the sins of his parents Mala invites him to live with her. It’s just the beginning when they are attacked by ghosts because of revenge and the mystery of where Landry’s father is hiding and the other two people who helped murder Mala’s mother. On top of all that Auntie Magnolia is back and she wants to be repaid for her crossroads bargain. Not to mention the relationship between Mala and Landry has the typical ups and downs.

Again the story ends with a mini cliffhanger like the first it ends but it leaves a little bit hanging to tantalize you into reading the next one Dark Redemption out in September. I loved this book I read through this in one day I couldn’t put it down. It is recommended that you read Dark Paradise first only because all the character development happened in that book and the actions in it are continued in this book.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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