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Sunday, August 3, 2014

ARC Review: Point of Return by Stacey Lynn

Point of Return is the first book in the Nordic Lords MC series by Stacey Lynn. I am always up for a sexy biker story, and I love all the angst and drama that goes along with hot alphas and strong heroines. But this story wasn't exactly what I had been expecting, and while I didn't hate it I also didn't love it. I am interested to see where Stacey Lynn takes these characters though, and I will read the next book to see more of the Nordic Lords.

Olivia Masters grew up the daughter of the president of the Nordic Lords MC, and had been planning on leaving the life behind with her boyfriend Daemon Knight. He was her first everything and they had plans to leave the MC before everything changed one tragic night. Daemon lost his father, Olivia lost her mother and Olivia ended up getting shot and put in the hospital. When Olivia needed Daemon the most, he wasn't there for her and she realized that she had to leave on her own. Now years later she is forced to return home, and when she asks her friend Faith for help she ends up sending Daemon in her place. Olivia's dad Bull and Daemon want nothing other than for Olivia to return to the club and take her place where she belongs. Olivia is determined to stay away though until her life comes into danger. Now that Olivia is back in the MC life, Daemon will do whatever it takes to convince her to stay this time and quit running for good. But can Olivia accept what life in the MC is like forever, or will it be too much for her when history has a way of repeating itself?

I liked Daemon and Olivia, but I didn't love them. They both had their moments for me, and I wish that we had been able to see more development between them as a couple and individually. Daemon wanted Olivia and claimed to have always known that she was the girl for him. But I honestly had trouble believing that all the time when he didn't seem to really do anything to show her what she meant to him. Daemon continue to screw Missy for quite awhile in this story and it was like he figured he would continue to get some on the side until Olivia finally decided to do something. Olivia was strong and capable and had been raised to be tough. But she was also really immature at times and went off half-cocked a lot. She seemed to have no regard for her actions at times and it really drove me nuts how little she used her brain. I felt like she led Travis on and that she should have been honest with him and herself. She also should have done things differently when it came to Daemon, and I kept waiting for her to finally see that her feelings for him should have told her where she belonged. It took her forever to start to figure things out, and I just wanted to shake her at times. I thought that Daemon and Olivia had chemistry together and they also had an emotional connection and history. But I felt like it wasn't developed as much as it could have been.

My biggest problem with this story is that Olivia and Daemon spent the majority of this story with other people rather than each other, so by the time they finally figured things out it was a bit anticlimactic. They had too many physical interactions with other people, and not enough with each other. I really got tired of reading about Daemon and Missy or Olivia and Travis, and I was just ready to start seeing Olivia and Daemon figuring things out between them. I wish that things hard started to progress earlier and I think that would have made their story more believable and real to me. I just never really was able to get behind their relationship because even after they started to reconnect emotionally they were still so far apart and weren't physical with each other. I also felt like the ending was pretty abrupt, and it really left their relationship feeling unfinished. Besides being anticlimactic, it just felt as though the reader was left to wonder if they were actually stable and committed to each other. I wanted more between them to leave them solid, and I just didn't get that feeling with this one. I am hoping that the next book helps show that these two are together and making it work for the long haul. I would say give this one a shot if you like MC stories and can handle some violence and serious issues as well as the H/h both with other people. If you are looking for a strong and believable connection between the hero and heroine though, this one might not be for you.

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