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Thursday, August 7, 2014

ARC Review: One Night: Promised by Jodi Ellen Malpas

Promised is the first book in the One Night Trilogy by Jodi Ellen Malpas, and I could not wait to start this one after reading the blurb. One Night Promised was so good, and I loved every bit of it. The prologue drew me in right away, and I absolutely could not put it down. This book is a must read and I cannot wait to get the next two books in the series.

Livy doesn't date no matter how many times she gets asked out or her best friend Gregory and her Nan try to talk her into it. She isn't interested at all until she sees him for the first time. She is instantly drawn to the sexy and mysterious stranger that comes into the Bistro where she works. He leaves her a note on a napkin signed only with an M. When Livy continues to run into him, the connection between them only seems to grow stronger. He only wants one night with her though, in which he promises to worship her and give her pleasure unlike she has ever known. Livy decides to take him up on his deal of one night, and they share a passion unlike any than either of them have ever felt before. But things don't go as planned and before long Livy is convinced that she will end up heartbroken. Soon Livy and M find themselves both wanting and fearing more than one night together. With both of them having secrets and vowing to keep things only physical rather than personal, can they explore the passion between them without one or both of them ending up with a broken heart?

I loved M. He was such a unique character. He was vulnerable and was used to only showing a mask to the world. He didn't let others in, and honestly even after finishing this book I feel like we have still only scratched the surface of his character. But he was sexy and mysterious and I know there is so much more to the man beneath the facade. He was arrogant and rude at times, but he was impossible not to fall for. I loved how he wasn't able to keep himself from Livy, and he let her in so much more than he was able to do with anyone else. I also really loved that he wasn't the typical hero. He had his quirks, and that just made him even more endearing. Livy while interesting took a bit for me to warm up to. She had her moments when I wanted to absolutely shake her and I definitely questioned some of her actions. But I really ended up liking her. She took M and accepted him for who he was and despite his inability to really share much about himself. She pushed when she needed to and was patient at times she knew M needed that. I really felt like Livy and M were perfect for each other, and they really seemed to get each other through everything. They had a great connection and you could really see that their feelings for each other were growing. But they also connected on a physical level as well and were really hot together.

Overall, this first installment to the One Night trilogy was absolutely fantastic! I could really see that M and Livy were falling for one another and their relationship was so real to me. They were clearly struggling with how they felt, and they weren't used to being with anyone like they wanted to be with each other. Besides the emotional struggles with M and Livy, I also felt like the twists in this book were great. I never knew exactly what was going on with M or Livy and I was always wondering about their pasts. I will admit that I had some of it worked out, but there was so much that I never expected! I really need the next book and I need to know more. There are so many questions that I need answered and I just can't wait for more M and Livy. This book was written so well, and I was instantly hooked on these characters. I loved Jodi's writing style and am anxiously awaiting the next installment. I highly recommend this series, and I think romance fans looking for something different will really love this book.

**ARC Provided by Forever (Grand Central Publishing)**

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