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Thursday, August 7, 2014

ARC Review: Crave the Night by Lara Adrian

As a longtime fan of the fabulous Lara Adrian, I still love how I always manage to fall in love with every story she tells. I have been reading about the Breed since the beginning, and Crave the Night does not disappoint! We have two main characters known as Nathan and Jordana, but as always there are appearances by the Breed males who originally stole our hearts. Of course, I could barely contain how excited I was to read about Nathan. I wanted to experience Nathan’s POV as a hero since I first met him in Deeper than Midnight. At that point, Nathan was just 13 and had been through unbelievable mental and physical abuse.

Whether you’re new to the series or not, it becomes clear that Nathan had an awful upbringing filled with horrific experiences. Furthermore, as a Hunter (a Gen One assassin created for dealing out death and destruction), he was taught to be calculating, unfeeling, and logical without a conscience. This is why one cannot possibly put down this story once begun; there is constant conflict. Of course, the conflict Nathan feels personally is nothing compared to how the story heats up as enemies begin to surface with more destructive, menacing intentions than before. After First Dawn (when humankind discovered the existence of the alien vampires), there was already many changes occurring, then Lara gives us more of the ruthless newer enemy: the Atlantean’s.

In this story, the Atlantean’s are stepping up their game and causing trouble. They are in search of something very special to their Queen and the results are jaw-dropping. Lara smoothly added crazy twists that surprised the hell out of me. There were curveballs I could not have possibly seen coming, which made the shocking aspects of the book fabulous. What’s more is that a lot of the eye-popping (holy crap, did I just read that?!) moments had to do with our hero and heroine. Not only do we get to find out just how damaged Nathan is and why, but there are secrets to unfold about Jordana as well.

Oh, Jordana. I loved her; she became a sex kitten. She likes the kink, but loves Nathan’s sensitive side too and the two of them heat the page up so beautifully. On a more serious note though….Jordana really was a joy to read! She grew in different ways than Nathan by simply coming into her own as an independent woman, which was lovely. I smiled when she began the story as innocent, afraid, and trying to figure out how to grasp what she wants. Jordana needed Nathan to push her; to show her how capable she was; how strong she was. Then, she bloomed into this character that became sexy, in control, and sure of herself; the transformation was perfect.

Additionally, Lara did wonderfully at making it easy to empathize with Nathan. It was as if I were experiencing his pain, confusion, and enduring his personal growth alongside him. The changes to his character were very well written and I delighted in how she brought Nathan’s potential full circle. Well, he is more than amazing actually. He is sinfully dark, dominant, aggressive, and true to his nature. Even better, he is passionate about his duties and his feelings for Jordana. I could not help but love these two! Truly, I am surprised the eroticism of their encounters didn’t set the pages aflame!

As for the other characters of the book, I enjoyed Carys (Sterling Chase’s daughter) as Jordana’s best friend. She was very open and honest with Jordana and she has a heart of gold when it comes to her loved ones. I also cannot wait to read more about the other members: Rafe, Jax, and Eli. Furthermore, it makes me happy seeing all of the original members together in a room, knowing they’re happy (Dante anyone?). However, I must admit that I liked that most of the story completely centered on Nathan and Jordana. There wasn’t too much interference from other characters; this truly was their story.

Moreover, I cannot wait to read the next installment and see the Atlantean’s continuing their fight. I’m excited for more Jordana, as it is clear by the ending that she may be a necessary piece of the puzzle for the coming battle. Not to mention, I am curious about how the sassy, sweet, all-too-trusting Carys comes out of her relationship with the playboy cage-fighting Breed male known as Rune. I could never get enough of this series! Well, here is to Lara, and a much anticipated thirteenth book in the Midnight Breed Series!

**ARC provided by Author**

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