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Monday, August 4, 2014

ARC Review: One Bite Per Night by Brooklyn Ann

In 1822, Lydia Price is leaving New Orleans to cross the Atlantic on her way to her English grandmother, the one who disowned her father for marrying her mother. Lydia loves to paint and hopes to meet Sir Thomas Lawrence. He painted a cherished portrait of her late father. Both he and her mother died of yellow fever. Lady Morley has no intention of accepting her granddaughter, Lydia, into her home. She calls upon Vincent Tremayne, Earl of Deveril and Lord Vampire of Cornwall, to prevail on him to honor an alliance formed centuries ago. A select few know about the vampire part. The locals refer to him as the Devil Earl because of his nocturnal habits and reclusive nature. Lady Morley wants Vincent to serve as Lydia’s guardian and keep her out of society. Vincent sees it as a challenge and hires a maid, a chaperone, and enlists a friend to make sure Lydia’s debut is spectacular. He also brings in a pair of vampire seamstress sisters to make the gowns. They have a bad history with Sir Thomas and are looking for revenge. Lydia arrives in Cornwall and is smitten by Vincent. It’s more than mutual. She adapts well to all that is expected of her and loves London. There she meets Ian Ashton, Lord Vampire of London, and his wife, who writes Gothic novels. After a few parties, Vincent receives inquiries from men who want to marry Lydia. He wants her for himself, but doesn’t want her to know about him. Lydia hears him and believes all of his help is to beat Lady Morley’s other granddaughter to the best match. Lydia runs away and is attacked. Vincent must save her life by changing her into a vampire. He’s in trouble with the Elders and both their lives hang in the balance.

Lydia paints, plays darts, fishes, and shoots a gun. A Renaissance woman for her time, she’s a good match for her ancient love. Lydia shows strength, courage, and embraces change. Vincent is brooding and set in his ways until Lydia breathes air back into his life. He’s committed to helping her and doesn’t know how he “lived” without her.

I liked the Sidwell sisters, Maria and Sally. Their relationship with Sir Thomas Lawrence is true. He was engaged to one, then when she got sick, he went after the other. Their mother was the famous actress, Sarah Siddons. In the book, they visit with her and warn her about Thomas’ designs on her niece. Their sewing is impeccable and fast. After women see Lydia’s fashions, they clamor for the sisters’ skills.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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  1. Great review! This sounds like a wonderful entertaining read! I loved Bite Me, Your Grace, the first book in this series.