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Friday, August 8, 2014

ARC Review: Owning Her Innocence by Alexa Riley

Owning Her Innocence is Alexa Riley's debut novella. This is short and sexy, and is a subject that some will not be comfortable. This story will be considered taboo by most, and if you have a problem with age-play or Dominant Daddy/Little Girl (DD/LG) I would suggest that you don't read this one. I think if you are looking for a sexy way to kill a few hours though and can read this for the kink it is that you should give this one a shot.

When Hayley turns eighteen, her father throws her a party and things quickly turn bad. She is rescued by her father's best friend who has always been like a second daddy to her. She has always been drawn to him and been close to William, but the last few years he has pushed her away and avoided her as much as possible. When she wakes up the day after her party tied to his bed, she knows that things are about to change. Hayley quickly finds out that William is just as drawn to her and has stayed away until he could let her know his true feelings. Now that she is finally old enough, William intends to have Hayley in his bed and at his side. He wants to take care of her and introduce her to everything being an adult means.

I liked William and Hayley, but I did have a few issues with their characters. I thought that William while sweet and caring at times, also had moments where he didn't think about Hayley as much as himself. He made promises to Hayley and her father, and yet he could have been more gently with Hayley her first time. He seemed to be pretty harsh about it and I didn't really like that. Hayley had moments where she was so naive and seemed to have no idea about sex at all. I found that a bit ridiculous and unlikely considering she was eighteen. I mean being a virgin is understandable, but not knowing what some of the words he said meant (kitty) or knowing what was "poking" her just seemed too unbelievable. She had moments where she acted so young it was a bit irritating. However I did like them and thought that they were super hot together. They had a ton of chemistry but also had a strong emotional connection. Yes that is where the taboo comes in, but they knew each other so well and had such a strong bond that it was clear what they meant to one another.

I thought that this story was really hot though. This one had a ton of heat and was sexy right from the start. I did think that this one could have been longer, but it was very good despite the short length. I think that the story was written well and was interesting and different. Alexa Riley did a great job of taking such a taboo story line and allowing the reader to get into the story while also pushing them past their comfort zone. I know this one won't be for a lot of people, but I think that those that are open-minded and take it for the story that it is will find this one to be sexy and hot. If you are looking for a deep and emotional story, this probably isn't what you are looking for. But I think that fans of Erotica and different steamy and kinky stories will probably enjoy this one. I look forward to seeing more from Alexa Riley, and I will definitely be interested to see what she comes up with next.

**ARC Provided by Author**

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