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Friday, August 8, 2014

ARC Review: Deep Surrendering: Episode 5 by Chelsea M. Cameron

Deep Surrendering Episode 5 picks up where Chelsea M. Cameron last left us with Fin and Marisol separated for the first time. With thousands of miles between them, and weeks left before they will be together they are both struggling with the distance. Fin and Marisol try to talk as often as possible, but with the time differences and everything going on in their lives they only get brief moments of time in which they actually connect. Marisol copes the best she can by spending time with her friends, working, and occasionally using the key that Fin gave her to spend time in his apartment. Fin is busy working, and as each day goes by Marisol fears that he is not sleeping or eating well. Marisol tries to convince Fin to be healthier and to take care of himself in her absence. But Fin is also struggling with his feelings for Marisol and he doesn't know how to handle things between them.

Fin and Marisol really have their toughest battles yet ahead of them, but for the first time in their relationship things are completely uncertain. With them being so far apart things are a lot harder and they are left in unfamiliar territory. Fin has never felt these kinds of feelings for someone before, and we know at this point that he doesn't usually have sex with the women he dates. Marisol has really changed so much about how he operates that he is still trying to figure out how to proceed. It doesn't help that Fin still feels like Marisol shouldn't be with him and that his darkness is too much for her. He doesn't want her to care for him and yet he also craves her. It was hard to see him struggle so much in this one, and you could really feel the depth of his insecurities. Marisol was also struggling with missing Fin and knowing that she couldn't be with him to help him and comfort him. It was hard for her to see the changes in him as the dark circles under his eyes took over. He was clearly exhausted and she couldn't do anything about it. Marisol really has her work cut out for her in the future because of Fin's attitude towards her caring about him. He almost refuses to acknowledge her feelings and doesn't even want her to say them to him. The chemistry and sex is great between them, and they are really starting to form an emotional connection as well. But there are so many secrets and obstacles that they have to deal with yet, and I just know that although it will be worth it in the end it will be so much worse before it starts to get better. I hope that they can both hold on and learn to lean on each other rather than try to go it alone.

I am really loving this story, and Fin and Marisol are so much different than any other characters I have read. They have changed and grown so much over these last 5 episodes, and I know that there is still so much ahead of them. I love how Chelsea M. Cameron is really giving us the evolution of not only their relationship but of each of the characters as well. I loved that Fin was a bit more vulnerable in this one and that for the first time we really get to see this strong and tough man that is used to control really having to deal with his insecurities and feelings. I thought it was great how he was making an effort with Marisol and would send her pictures and try to include her in what he was doing. I honestly think that each episode of this story just gets better and better, and I can't wait to get more. It kills me having to wait, but each one I read just proves to me how worth it they are. I am a fan of Chelsea M. Cameron's after having read several of her books at this point, but I think that Fin and Marisol's story is probably my favorite of everything she has done. If you aren't reading these, you are seriously missing out. Chelsea's writing style is fantastic, and her characters are always unique. I highly recommend her books, and I will be anxiously awaiting the next installment in Fin and Marisol's story.

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