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Monday, December 29, 2014

ARC Review: Ice by Chelsea Camaron & Jessie Lane

Ice is the first book in the Regulators Series by Chelsea Camaron and Jessie Lane. While this book can be read as a standalone, fans of Chelsea and Jessie's will recognize some familiar faces from Chelsea's Hellions Ride Series and Jessie's Ex Ops Series. Having enjoyed books from both of these authors, I couldn't wait to dive into this one. I thought that it was a great start to this series, and I am really looking forward to getting to know the rest of the Regulators.

Morgan Powell is a twenty-four year old virgin that spends most of her time trying to advance her career as an investment banker. She was raised by parents that were more into appearances than the well being of their three daughters. When her parents kick one of her younger sisters out of the house, Morgan agrees to let her sister stay with her. When her sister Madyson and her best friend Brooke start getting into trouble though, she comes face to face with Brooke's father and they immediately get off on the wrong foot. Brett "Ice" Grady thinks that Morgan is doing a horrible job with her sister, and Morgan thinks that Ice is a total jerk. But the more they around each other, the more they begin to realize that there is more between them than just arguments. When something horrible happens, they discover that they are better together than apart.

I really liked Ice. At first he seemed to be a complete jerk, especially when it came to Morgan. But I really understood that he was doing the best he could to look out for his daughter. As a single father from a young age, he had been forced to deal with a lot more than he ever should have and it was clear that Brooke was his whole world. I loved that he started to really see that he had made some bad assumptions though as he got to know more about Morgan and her situation. Ice was a complete alpha that wouldn't apologize for who he was, but he was honest and upfront. It was also really great to see a MC male that was capable of being faithful, and I loved his character all the more for it. Morgan was strong and sweet, and I was really glad to see her determined to look out for her sisters. She was doing everything that she could to change her relationship with Madyson and show her what being a family should be like. But I really loved her relationship with Brooke. They clicked pretty quickly, and I really enjoyed seeing how she didn't try to take her mother's place or treat her as a child. She was respectful and let their relationship develop naturally, and I thought that she was perfect for both Ice and Brooke. Morgan and Ice had amazing chemistry and were super hot together, even though it took awhile for anything to actually happen between them. I enjoyed the build-up and the tension though, and it was good to see them developing a connection beyond just a physical level.
Overall, this was a great start to the Regulators series and I am really excited to see where it goes from here. I liked Ice and Morgan, but I really liked the secondary characters as well. I have to say that I am excited about Hammer's story, but I absolutely cannot wait to get to know Coal better. After reading about him in this book, I really loved his character! He was such a great guy when it came to helping Morgan and Madyson, and I just know that there is so much to him. I definitely recommend this book, and I think that this will appeal to more than just the typical MC fans. I think that if you like MC books you will like this one, but those that are a bit skeptical because of cheating and some typical MC type behavior have nothing to fear with this story. If you haven't read anything by Chelsea Camaron and/or Jessie Lane, I think that this is a great place to start but would recommend both the Hellions Ride and Ex Ops series as well.

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