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Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Naughty New Year...Brazen Style with Samanthe Beck and Giveaway

Wine lover, sleep fanatic, and USA Today Bestselling Author of sexy contemporary romance novels, Samanthe Beck lives in Malibu, California, with her long-suffering but extremely adorable husband and their elementary-aged turbo-son. Throw in a furry ninja named Kitty and Bebe the trash talking Chihuahua and you get the whole, chaotic picture.

When not clinging to sanity by her fingernails or dreaming up fun, fan-your-cheeks sexy ways to get her characters to happily-ever-afters, she searches for the perfect cabernet to pair with Ambien.

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Thanks, Dani, for having me back to Ramblings with this Chick for your Brazen Naughty New Year event! Since Brazen released the third book in my Private Pleasures series, FALLING FOR THE ENEMY, last month, I thought we ought to head to Bluelick, Kentucky, check in with Ginny Boca and Shaun Buchanan and see how these two fallen enemies are ringing in the New Year! Be sure to stick around after the scene and enter the GIVEAWAY!


Ginny leaned close to the mirror above the dresser and applied a final coat of mascara, then straightened and took inventory of the finished product. Not too shabby. The short, gold dress sparkled like a glass of champagne—the closest she’d come to one tonight—and showed off a lot of leg. Maybe more than the mayor of Bluelick ought to display, but then again, being the first female mayor afforded her a little wiggle room on wardrobe. Her attention shifted to her hair. As the owner of the busiest beauty salon in town, she had to nail the hair every time.

Tonight she’d called on old Hollywood glamour—and an arsenal of product—to turn her flaming hair into a silken fall of waves. The look always drove Shaun a little crazy, and a shiver of excitement danced up her spine as she imagined the various tactics the sexiest police chief this side of the Mason Dixon line might use turn the smooth curtain into the tousled mess he preferred.

She missed those tactics. Shaun’s work building Bluelick’s very first police department into a trusted asset of the community translated into long hours. Likewise, her salon and her mayoral duties made for some busy days. On top of that, she’d been feeling downright crappy in the mornings lately. He’d always been a master of the stolen moment, but the last moment they’d managed to steal had been a full two weeks ago, in the back of his squad car, when his drive to the station at the end of his shift had coincided with her morning run.

The sound of the shower switching off had her glancing at the clock. Her heart beat a bit faster, but not because he’d been a bit late getting off shift and they had to haul ass if they wanted to make it to Rawley’s in time to share happy New Year wishes with their friends. She had something special to share just with Shaun. Something she hoped he’d be as happy about as she, but—she glanced at the clock again—it would have to wait until later.

The bathroom door opened across the hall. A flutter of nerves migrated from her chest to her stomach. She rested her left hand on her abdomen, automatically using her thumb to twist the rings on her fourth finger so the emerald-flanked diamond twinkled front and center. Over a year and she still sometimes lost her breath when the shine of her engagement ring and wedding band caught her eye.

A creak of floorboards pulled her gaze to the bedroom door, and she lost her breath again. Shaun stood there, his broad shoulders filling the doorframe while shadows and light playing across the hard-packed muscles of his chest and abs. Somehow he managed to look lethal wearing nothing but a blue towel slung low around his chiseled hips. His face remained in shadows but she could feel the heat of his stare.

She shoved her nerves away, raised her chin and cocked one side of her mouth up. “How do I look?”


“Late.” The sight of her tight little body in a shiny scrap of a dress made the single word lower and rougher than he’d expected, and maybe more menacing than she’d bargained for, because that sexy grin of hers slipped a notch and something wary slid into her clear, green eyes. The hand at her waist fell to her side.

“I look…late?”

She looked like a fantasy—a 21st century version of Rita Hayworth shimmering just out of his reach. “You look like you’re going to be late for the party. We both are.” He dropped the towel so she could see why. Her eyes slid down and widened. Her throat worked as she swallowed once, and then her eyes darted back to his. No wariness this time, just pure anticipation.

Something lightened in his chest. Maybe there was a bright side to an unanticipated and highly frustrating two week sex hiatus. He laid the blame on their schedules, but she’d put him off a couple times claiming an upset stomach, and part of him had wondered if that was her version of “a headache.” A discouraging thought considering he wanted to get serious about starting a family. They’d stopped using birth control after the wedding. They had their shit together. The department was fully staffed, finally, and his schedule was about to get more manageable. They were ready. He took a step closer, hemming her in between his body and the dresser. “Very late.”

“Uh-oh,” her breath came out in a rush, and her eyelids lowered. Her hands hurried from his shoulders to his chest to his stomach while she kissed and bit her way along his jaw. “We’ll have to…make…apologies.”

“Not a chance.” He lifted her onto the dresser. “We’re not going to be sorry.” Not in the least. Her hands roamed the v of his obliques, tracing her way down to an obvious destination.

“No.” Though his cock strained to meet her more than halfway, he caught her hands and folded her fingers around the lip of the dresser. “You don’t touch. Not after this long. You don’t earn the right to touch it until I’ve lodged it inside your tight, hot body, and you’ve come on it so hard you feel me for a week.”

Hazy green eyes smoldered a challenge at him from beneath long, dark lashes. “And just how do you plan to stop me from touching you?”

“As an officer of the law, I’m authorized to use certain restraints.” He reached behind her to where his utility belt lay on the dresser, and, a second later, dangled his handcuffs. A tug, a quick spin, and he had her braced against the antique oak, her hands behind her back. She struggled as he slapped the cuffs on, and he remembered, belatedly, she’d been cuffed before under much more frightening circumstances. He moved his hands to her shoulders and pressed a kiss to the back of her neck, another below her ear. “Still game, Sweet Virginia?”

Her eyes met his in the mirror. “You think this stops me from touching you?” She leaned forward and pushed her ass into his groin, then slowly lifted and lowered her hips, giving his cock a joyride along the enticing groove between her cheeks. He closed his eyes and locked his resolve to keep from bending her over the dresser and having his way with her. She wanted to play, and, to the extent he could let her, he intended to. He reached around and cupped her breasts through the cool, slippery dress. Tight nipples drilled into the center of his palms and his mouth watered.

The additional support shifted the responsibility for balance from her to him. She took advantage of the tiny freedom, arched into his hands and went higher onto her toes, trying to slide all the way up his cock. It was the trip back down, and the way she hugged his length between her glutes that forced him into action.

“If restraint proves ineffective, I’m empowered to use reasonable force.” Citing the precise code proved unnecessary. She held still as he lifted the back of her dress over her hips, revealing her smooth, pale backside bisected by a tiny, nude thong. He slid his finger under the strip of fabric that disappeared between her cheeks and traced it all the way down between her legs, into the damp heat he’d missed for two long weeks. She squirmed as he probed her folds from behind, and found the spot that made her gasp and bend deeper, seeking more.

He smiled, despite the pounding ache between his legs. “Behave.”

“What if”—she wiggled in an attempt to get his touch exactly where she wanted it—“I refuse?”

One tug was all it took to send her panties to her ankles. He put a hand between her shoulder blades and guided her down until her forearms rested on the dresser. His other hand cupped her ass, fingers wedged between her thighs. “We believe in swift justice around these parts.” He administered a fast, firm smack to her up-tilted backside, making sure the tips of his fingers grazed her slick little clit for extra punishment.

Her head tipped forward until her forehead rested on the dresser. “Oh, God, Shaun. Don’t. I’m not kidding. I’m going to co--”

“Damn right, you are.” He banded an arm around her waist and spanked her again. His fingers hit her clit. Not a fleeting brush this time, but solid contact. She rode his hand once, twice, attempted a third pass, but her head snapped back and her knees gave out as the orgasm literally knocked her off her feet. Breathless cries echoed in the room. He flexed the arm under her hips and held her there while he stroked in, out and around her quivering center, reveling in every spasm passing through her. When she wilted and stilled, he turned her around and lifted her onto the dresser again.

She leaned back against the mirror and looked at him through narrowed eyes. Her lips curved into a smile that made him want to kiss her forever, so he did. Or as close to forever as their lung capacity could handle. When he eased away, she licked the last bit of what had once been meticulously applied lipstick off her upper lip, and said, “Time to un-cuff me officer. By your own rules, I’m allowed to touch you now.”

He used his teeth on that naked upper lip and sent his fingers tunneling through her hair. This was how he liked her best—lips plump and red from his kisses, skin flushed from the orgasm he’d given her, hair disarrayed from his hands, and the toss of her head as she absorbed every wave of pleasure he broke over her. “You need to listen to the rules more closely. I told you you’d earn the right to touch it after you came on it. You’ve yet to satisfy the requirement. But I’m about to change that.”

Before she could spit out a sassy comeback, he hitched a hand under her left knee, pulled her leg open and threaded one high, thin stiletto through the top drawer pull. She was as limber as the high school cheerleader she’d once been, so he quickly did the same to her other shoe. And there she sat, balanced on the edge of the dresser, propped on the heels of her cuffed hands, with her legs spread wide and her eyes flashing.

“You’ve overstepped your authority, officer.”

“Chief,” he corrected, “and I haven’t even begun asserting my authority.” He reached behind her and unzipped her dress until it draped down her arms. The v-neck gaped open to reveal her breasts. He lowered his head and drew one taut nipple into his mouth, sucking hard until the drawer pulls rattled from the restless motion of her heels. He moved to the other breast. She started to beg.

“Please, Shaun. Now. If you want me to come on it, you’ve got to give it to me now.”

He kissed her mouth again, sliding his tongue in deep, fighting the lightheaded feeling when she tightened her lips around his tongue and sucked at him as he slowly withdrew. “I get a taste first.”

“No. No. No.” She tossed her head right and left. “I can’t take it. I’ll come.”

“You will not come until I give you my cock. But after two fucking weeks, you owe me a taste.” He dropped to his knees and waited until she stopped shifting around and accepted her fate. Wide eyes sought his.

“Don’t do the thing. It’s been forever for me too. You know I can’t hold out if you—Oh God!”

He did the thing, twice, while she prayed and cursed and dug her heels into the drawer pulls to try and scoot out of reach. He gripped her hips and held her in place, allowed the tip of his tongue one more lap around the sensitive track of muscles locked tight to discourage penetration, then abandoned that playground and laved his tongue straight up her center. The familiar, earthy blend of salt, flesh and citrus body wash coated his mouth. One more moment down here and he’d stop being such a greedy bastard. He’d get up and share. Let her see for herself how magnificent she tasted, and how wrong it was for them to deprive each other for so long.

He drew back and admired her glistening clit. “I’m going to kiss you right here.”

Her neck muscles gave out and the back of her head hit the mirror. “Please fuck me. I’m begging you.”

He sealed his lips to her swollen sex and kissed her, deep and hard, until she pulsed against his tongue. Her whole body stiffened and he knew they were at the point of no return. He shot up, put his mouth over hers and drove into her, swallowing her cry of gratitude.

All his control fell away. He jerked back an inch and then surged forward again…and again. The dresser groaned as she shoved her heels deeper into the drawer pulls and used them like stirrups to lift her hips and meet each thrust. And then her bucking, clenching body wrung a ball-crushing orgasm right out of him. Somewhere over the rush of blood in his ears he heard her hoarse, husky voice crying his name over and over.

“Jesus, Christ. No matter how fucking busy we get, swear to me we won’t let another two weeks go by before we do this again. I won’t survive the next reunion.”

Her laugh tickled his skin. “I promise. I love you.”

“I love you.” He buried his face against the side of her neck and kissed her. “Love us.” He kissed the underside of her jaw and eased her left heel out of the drawer pull, then the right. She lowered her head and her lips found his.

“I love us too,” she breathed after he broke the kiss. He helped her down from the dresser, turned her around and unlocked the handcuffs. Her green eyes searched his in the mirror, as if trying to find the answer to some unasked question. He turned her around and touched his thumb to the slight furrow between her brows. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I got some news today, from Ellie.”

A vice tightened in his chest. Her stomach had been bothering her. Was it serious? She looked serious. An ulcer? Something else? He realized he was squeezing her shoulders and deliberately loosened his grip.

“I, um…I planned to tell you after the party, but, well, it turns out there’s going to be more us to love. In about eight months,” she added when he simply stared at her, trying to make sense of her words.

“More of us to love?”

She nodded. “Two more of us, to be precise. Ellie did an ultrasound.”

“Oh, my God.” He placed a careful hand on her flat stomach. As usual, she was a step ahead of him. “We’re going to have twins?” An image of two red haired, green eyed babies floated into his mind. “How? No, wait. Not how. I know how. When?”

She laid her hand over his. “Early August. I think it’s perfect because—” the chime of the mantle clock in the living room interrupted her with the start of the countdown to midnight.

He knelt and pressed a kiss to one side of her stomach. “Happy New Year, Shaun, Jr.” She raised an eyebrow at that but said nothing. The clock chimed on as he pressed a kiss to the other side of her stomach. “Happy New Year, Gigi.”

“We need to discuss those names, Sugar.”

He got to his feet, tipped her chin up, and gave her a long, lazy, silencing kiss. When the last chime faded, he lifted his head, and stared into the eyes of the woman he loved. The mother of his children.

“Happy New Year, Sweet Virginia.”


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Salon owner Virginia Boca has declared herself least until she wins the election for mayor of Bluelick, Kentucky. No hot men. No sex. And her plan to play the good girl might have worked—if the mysterious, hard-bodied stranger she’s seen around town hadn't pulled her from the path of a speeding car and saved her life. The least Ginny can do is offer her savior a free haircut.

But when an innocent haircut turns into hours of wickedly hot sex, former Navy SEAL Shaun Buchanan knows his plan to keep a low profile is shot. Especially once Ginny finds out he’s the current mayor's son. With her reputation and the election on the line, Ginny seems determined to keep their nightly sexcapades a secret, but Shaun’s not willing to stay in the shadows forever…

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