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Friday, April 24, 2015

ARC Review: Blue Streak by Jules Barnard

Blue Streak is the newest addition to the Blue series by Jules Barnard. This story is a novella, so it is pretty short. I enjoyed it though and I thought that it was sweet and funny while also sexy. This is one of those quick and easy reads that most NA readers will be able to lose a bit of time reading. Nessa has liked her friend Zach since she moved and started working at the casino. Though they are good friends, Zach has always kept her at arms length. Nessa sees him eyeing her and at times believes that he wants more, but he always manages to shut it down and continues to sleep with other women. But Nessa is determined to change his mind and get him to act on the feelings he believes he has. Soon Zach finds it hard to continue to fight his feelings as Nessa fights to show him what they could have together. 

I liked Nessa and Zach. I didn't feel overly connected to them, but they were decent enough characters. Nessa was in love with Zach and yet she never really said anything to him. She never talked to him about what she wanted or tried to make a move. She sat back and let him continue to be with others while she pined away for him, and that was a bit irritating to me. But she also was able to show him that they had something worth taking a chance on and I liked that she wouldn't settle for being just another hookup to him. Zach should have talked to Nessa and figured things out earlier. He knew his situation needed to change and that it wasn't right, yet he didn't do anything to change it until Nessa started to really pursue him. It seemed pretty sudden for him to have a change of heart and seemed to be a reaction to something that happened with Nessa. (Can't really get into much of that without spoiling anything, but it wasn't handled the best in my opinion.) I thought that Nessa and Zach had great chemistry and I liked seeing them get to know one another. It boggled my mind a bit that they had been friends for awhile and were both attracted to each other, and yet they really didn't know each other that well. I think that was a bit weird to me, and it seemed like these two were almost acquaintances rather than friends. 

I think that this was a short and sweet read though, and I think part of my issues were because of the length of the story. If we had been given more of these two I might have felt differently. It just seemed as though with it being a novella that we never really dug deep with these two and pretty much everything was on the surface. I think I would have believed it more had I seen their friendship strengthen a bit before they decided to go the relationship route. I do like this series though, and it was good to see some familiar faces. I thought that Jules Barnard did a great job of setting up the next book in this series, and I am looking forward to reading that one.

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