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Monday, April 20, 2015

ARC Review: Dare to Hold by Carly Phillips

I’ve read Carly Phillips before and have really enjoyed her books. I’ve read a couple of the Dare books and really enjoy the Dare family. Dare to Hold was a tough one for me. There were some parts I liked and some I had a hard time with.

Just like all her previous books, Phillips writes a very chemistry filled book with plenty of time spent together with the hero and the heroine. When the story begins Meg is pregnant. She’s made bad decisions in the past and now she is alone and pregnant. This is not the worst of her problems. Meg has a bad habit of falling for the wrong guys. She especially likes to pick goes that are not only jerks but also violent. Meg is determined to turn over a new leaf. She goes out with her friends and decides that she is not going to worry about men anymore and she is going to be independent.

The hero, Scott Dare, is like the previous Dare brothers. He is successful and completely alpha male. She is also mending his heart over his divorce. His ex-wife used Scott and he is determined that no one will ever play with his heart and his emotions that way again.

The story had a lot of potential and for the most part I really enjoyed it. One big issue I had was Meg. I really wanted to like her more than I actually did. Not even ten pages into the story she is in bed with Scott even though she turned over a new leaf and decided to be independent. I had a hard time believing that she learned from her mistakes. My second big issue was the forced connection between them. Maybe because I did not read the story where they meet to me they were complete strangers. So yes, he is the cop that helped her when her ex left her badly beaten and in the hospital but that really is all the interaction they had. I would have liked to have seen more history. If they had more interactions. The rest of the story pretty much progresses along the same way. After they spend the night together they just incorporate into each other’s lives but not really knowing each other.

Aside from these issues I was happy to see that Scott and Meg were able to open up to each other and really get to know each other. Meg has a lot of obstacles to overcome and Scott helps her but she also helps him with his unresolved issues. The Dare’s continue to be a fun family to learn about and I plan to read more books by Phillips.

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