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Saturday, April 25, 2015

ARC Review: The Phoenix Campaign by Heidi Joy Tretheway

OMG I am loving this series! Heidi Joy Tretheway has done it again with The Phoenix Campaign, and I am already dying for the next book. These books have to be read in order, so make sure that you start with The Phoenix Candidate before reading Campaign. I really loved this book, though I will admit that I was also really frustrated throughout it as well. But I absolutely devoured it, and I cannot wait for more Grace and Jared. 

Grace Colton has been named the running mate for Senator Shep Conover, and her life is more complicated than ever. As they begin their campaign, Grace prepares for what it means to be the VP candidate. Her relationship with political consultant Jared Rankin is also complicated, and they find themselves on shakier ground than ever before despite their feelings from one another. As Jared and Grace try to keep their relationship secret from the public, Grace finds out that she has a secret of her own that she can't tell even Jared. Grace knows that she needs to tell Jared the truth, but she also feels like she needs to tell Shep first. Soon there are so many secrets being kept on all sides, that it is only a matter of time before they start to come out. What happens when the truth is revealed?

Grace and Jared are so hot together. These two have so much passion and chemistry. But what I love about them most is that their connection is stronger than just the physical. They understand one another. They push each other to be better. They also support one another, even when they are fighting and arguing. These two tend to run hot, but you can tell that it is because they are passionate about not only each other, but also their careers and beliefs. As much as I love these two and seeing them together, they both really frustrate me at times. Grace has a tendency to talk back and push when she shouldn't, and Jared has a tendency to run when he should stop and listen. Both of them had their issues, but they genuinely care for one another and you could tell that neither one of them really knows how to handle what they are building together. They are in unfamiliar territory and unfortunately for them they have so many more concerns than the average couple first starting a relationship. 

I will say that that I couldn't put this book down, even with how they would make me angry at times. I had to keep reading to see what would happen next, and I read this in pretty much one sitting. Jared and Grace's relationship is just one of those that draws you in and you can't help but all in love with them. I really love how this series is about their relationship and the love that they are finding, but that it is so much more than that. There were so many things happening in this book as far as the campaign and what lies ahead for each of these characters, and I am really excited to see how things play out after all the truths that came out. I cannot wait for the next book, and I just hope that Heidi Joy Tretheway doesn't make us wait long for it! If you haven't read anything by her yet, you definitely should give her a shot. I have really enjoyed everything that I have read by her, but I think this series is my absolute favorite by her and to me these books are must reads!

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