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Thursday, April 23, 2015

ARC Review: Spark by Erin Noelle

Spark is the first book in the Fire on the Mountain series by Erin Noelle. I have to say that I was instantly intrigued with this book because it is so different from anything I have read before. If you have read any kind of dark romance or MC book, then the use of drugs won't be a shock to you. Drugs seem to play a part in plenty of romance books at this point, especially if the characters like to party. But I have never seen it approached in a medicinal way before, and that really got me curious about this story. This book was different than anything else I have read, and I did enjoy that. I had a few issues as well, but for most of this story I really enjoyed what I was reading. 

Having tried almost every medical option available to them, Crew's family heads to Colorado in order to try one they haven't yet. His little brother is getting worse everyday, and he and his mom will do whatever they can to change that. They arrive at Fire on the Mountain, a holistic resort known for their laid back ways. They plan to get medicinal marijuana to see if that can help Caleb's symptoms and provide a better life for him. But upon arrival Crew meets one of the owner's daughters, and the connection between them is instant. They both feel a spark unlike anything they've ever experienced. Crew knows that he has enough on his plate to worry about, and yet he finds himself unable to stay away from Hudson. But with everything that he has going on and his brother's condition, can he and Hudson explore what is between them or will everything go up in flames? 

I have to say that I had my moments with pretty much every character in this story. I liked Hudson most of the time, but she was a bit weak as well. She was a giver and a fixer, always looking out for others. She would do whatever it took to help those in need, and didn't focus much on her self. I really loved those things about her. But she also let others kind of dictate her life and I felt like she needed a bit more backbone when a few things happened in this story. I loved her friendship with Caleb and how instant they had a connection. It was great to see her get along so well with Crew's brother. Crew unfortunately really pissed me off a few times. For the most part I liked him and I was glad that he was a bit cocky at times with Hudson. He had more experience than she did, and I liked that he sort of took the reins. I thought that these two had great chemistry, and I enjoyed how their relationship progressed and watching as they got to know one another.

Without spoiling anything, Crew did a few things that I found hard to forgive. He was going through some really tough things, and I got that he was in a bad way. But it was no excuse some of his actions and how he treated Hudson. She was doing everything that she could to be there for him in whatever way he needed her, and what he did was so awful. My biggest problem wasn't with what he did though (which was bad enough!), but how easily it was moved past. Hudson was a wreck after it all, and it was so quickly forgiven and forgotten. I wouldn't have been near as understanding as she was, and the fact that she didn't make him completely grovel for long periods of time tells me that either she has doormat tendencies or she is a much better person than I am. This book would have been a five star for me had it not been for Crew's actions with on a couple of occasions. I just wasn't able to get over it like Hudson was. I think that this is a really good book though, and I really loved that it was different. The approach to drugs being helpful and having a purpose was a new one for me, and I really liked seeing it from another side. I think that Erin Noelle is a great writer, and she always manages to pull me in straightaway. I will read more from her in the future, and I am looking forward to getting to know some of Hudson's sisters better as this series continues.

**ARC Provided by Love Affair With Fiction**

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