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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

ARC Review: Second Chances by Stacy Finz

Stacy Finz’s third book in her Nugget series Second Chances is a great book. I liked this much more than I liked Finding Hope. This one was lighter emotionally than the previous book but the two main characters I liked better. Harlee and Colin have an unlikely match; Harlee is outgoing and everyone likes her, Colin is reserved and pretty much keeps to himself. The story centers on Harlee and Colin but has a side story of another second chance love story between Nuggets newest hair stylist and town deputy.

Harlee just lost her dream job and to keep things afloat she moved in to her parents cabin rent free with only her part time internet job as income, but with credit card bills piled up to her ears she needs something more and being a journalist is her dream. Colin has a past he doesn’t want anyone to know because if they knew he was afraid of them turning away from them. Colin’s made a name for himself with his carpentry and his wood work and he’s afraid he would lose his business if people would find out. Harlee finds something irresistible out her mountain man neighbor. Colin can’t seem to resist Harlee even though he thinks she is too good for him and as much as he wants to tell her the truth he doesn’t want to lose her. Together Colin and Harlee must face Colin’s past and Harlee’s future and come to the realization that despite everything they can be happy together and that Colin is worthy of a second chance at a happy life.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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