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Saturday, July 11, 2015

ARC Review: Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Maybe in Another Life might be the hardest book I have ever tried to review. I have been trying to put together my thoughts on this book for what seems like forever, and I know that a lot of what I wish I could say I can't. Taylor Jenkins Reid has written such a unique and beautiful story here, and I really feel like this one is a book that just needs to be experienced. You can't go into this one knowing everything, and I really feel like it is best to just be along for the ride. 

This book is about Hannah, a 29 year old woman who is still trying to figure things out. She has lived and worked in so many different places, and yet she still doesn't know what she wants to do with her life. But when Hannah moves back to her hometown, she turns to her best friend Gabby for a place to stay. One night while Hannah and Gabby are out, they run into Hannah's high school boyfriend Ethan. At the end of the night Hannah is faced with a choice when both Gabby and Ethan offer her a ride. The choice she makes will change everything. Maybe in Another Life is a book that has two parallel storylines throughout the entire book, each detailing a life based on the two choices that Hannah could make that night. Though each of Hannah's worlds are completely different, Hannah believes that in each she has found her soulmate.

Here is where this review gets is hard enough trying to avoid spoilers for one story, but when a book contains two it is almost impossible. Suffice it to say that I won't be giving much away other than to say that this book is truly about Hannah and her life. But it is also about everyone. This book could literally be about you or me and the smallest choice that could end up having the biggest impact on what our future holds. I found it so interesting to see how things would play out depending on what choice Hannah had made, and it really got me to thinking about the choices that each of us makes. This concept was so unique to me, and I found that it gave me a truly enjoyable and different reading experience. I will be honest and say that there was a storyline I preferred, and I did find myself liking her with one guy over the other. While I won't say who I liked best, I will say that I liked her with both. They were each special and different, and it was really a matter of each set of circumstances that made them each right for her in completely different ways. 

This book is not a love triangle, and it is not in any way paranormal. But if you are looking for a truly different story that is about more than just love and romance, this is definitely worth a shot. I loved seeing two very different outcomes, and I couldn't stop reading. Each chapter would switch back and forth between the parallel universes, and I could not wait to see how things would be the same or different as each of her decisions played out. I honestly loved Taylor Jenkins Reid's writing style and the story itself, and I cannot wait to read more from her. This is one book that I won't forget anytime soon, and I am already looking forward to whatever Taylor writes next.

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