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Thursday, July 9, 2015

ARC Review: Sweet As Sin by J.T. Geissinger

My overall feeling about this book is that you buy tickets to one show and unexpectedly wind up in another one. When the book starts off Kat is this sassy, smart woman with one liners on hand in case of emergency. Nico is a brooding bossy alpha male rockstar who is instantly attracted to Kat. Nico pursues Kat from the beginning. At first Kat believes Nico has a girlfriend and keeps her distance. She later learns that Nico is single and the two start a relationship and that’s where sh!t goes left.

When the actual relationship between Nico and Kat starts (very early on in the book), the book loses all the light hearted banter and fun that was there in the opening scenes. Despite the fact that Nico and Kat barely know each other at all, they are instantly locked in this super intense emotional relationship. It was like they both brought out the worst in each other. Kat becomes this really insecure, needy girl. At one point, Nico does something for her birthday and she manages to get into an argument with him over the wonderful gesture because she is just so insecure. And let's not forget about Nico. There is a line between the brooding possessive alphas that we all love and what Nico became.

Nico crossed over in to the scary Lifetime movie guy really fast. When Nico feels like his relationship with Kat is threatened he drags her off to punish her. Not in a sexy way, more in a emotionally unstable way. Kat doesn't help the situation at all because of course she's so turned on by Nico and attracted to him that she just takes whatever he is dishing out. I kid you not, there is a scene in the book where Nico tells Kat something like 'there is no end to this relationship, if one of us tries to leave, we will both die.' At another point in the story, Nico makes Kat change her swimming suit because he doesn't want his friends looking at her body. I was like ok, both of these two need major crisis intervention. Hell, at one point in the book even Kat says that the couple is going to need therapy.

The storyline with Nico's relationship with Avery was one of the most interesting parts of the book. Don't worry for those of you like me who are cheating phobic, there was no cheating in this book but Avery does have a significant role in the story. But when Nico's brother gets involved, things go left again. I just didn't understand what his whole deal was.

The other thing I noticed during this book is that it's like Kat had no life outside of the relationship with Nico. I think at one point she worked but after Nico, she doesn't seem to do much beyond hide from the paparazzi and go through emotional turmoil with Nico. Finally, I did not care for the depiction of Kat's friends and I especially did not like how much they appeared in the story. There were really long scenes about Kat and her friends and their conversations that I just found to be boring and not adding to the story.

My frustration with this book is that it could have been really good. The author writes well and despite the fact that I was turned off by elements of the plot, this wasn't a hard book to get through. It flows pretty well. This is the first book I've read by this author and I think I would give her another try because she does seem to have a good formula that just didn't work here.

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