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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Audiobook Review: Rusty Nailed by Alice Clayton, Narrated by Heather Smith

Rusty Nailed is the second book in Alice Clayton's Cocktail series, and is the continuing story of Simon and Caroline. Readers will want to make sure that they have read Wallbanger first before starting this one. I couldn't wait to get more of my favorite Wallbanger and Pink Nightie Girl, and this story was really good. I will say that I enjoyed the story itself much more than I did the audiobook though, and I was disappointed with the audiobook version.

Caroline and Simon are now together, and are figuring out how to balance their new relationship with everything else going on in their lives. Simon is still traveling the world as a photographer, and Caroline is busier than ever working as a designer for her friend and boss Jillian. When Jillian heads off on her honeymoon, Caroline and Simon agree to house sit for them. As Caroline and Simon are just starting to settle into their relationship and everything going on, Simon decides that he is tired of so much travel and wants to stay home more. But he also wants Caroline to stay home more as well, and Caroline isn't ready to slow down after receiving the biggest opportunity of her career. Can Caroline and Simon navigate their new circumstances and find a balance, or will all the changes be too much for them to overcome? 

I loved Simon and Caroline in the first book, and I loved them just as much here. These two are hilarious. They are perfect for one another, and they could not be hotter together. Caroline and Simon did a great job of making things work in a tough situation, and I really enjoyed seeing how they figured things out together. They made the most of their time together, and they were super supportive of each other. I liked seeing how their relationship grew and changed as they got even more serious about one another. I was glad to see that they were able to deal with the drama from their friends, and handle the arguments that they had without letting things destroy them. This book was different than your typical romance, and I really loved that they didn't seem to follow the typical white picket fence dream. These two weren't in a rush to get married and have babies, and I thought that suited them perfectly. 

My biggest problem with this one was the narrator of the audiobook, Heather Smith. I didn't feel as though her voice fit the character at all, and I felt like her performance was overly dramatic. She seemed to overact a bit here, and I found it really annoying. One of the things I love the most about Alice Clayton's books is that they are flat out hilarious, and at times they border on over the top when it comes to the humor side. I personally love that and think she does it perfectly, but it is a lot at times. When you add an over the top narrator that makes everything even more dramatic, it becomes ridiculous and irritating. Unfortunately I felt like Heather Smith took a great story, and somehow made it to where I couldn't enjoy it. So while I would give the story itself four stars, I would give the narration two stars if rated separately. Because of the fact that I didn't like the audiobook but did like the story, I feel like a three star rating is where I would average the two versions of this story. I think that fans of this series and Alice Clayton will really enjoy seeing more of these characters, but I would definitely recommend reading this one rather than listening to the audiobook.

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