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Sunday, July 5, 2015

ARC Review: When You're Back by Abbi Glines

When You're Back is book 12 in the Rosemary Beach series by Abbi Glines. Though you do not need to have read every book in this series, you do need to have first read When I'm Gone as that is where Mase and Reese's story begins. All the books in this series are interconnected through the characters, and to get full enjoyment from the series it is best to read them in order if possible. 

Things are finally beginning to look perfect for Reese. Not only does she have the perfect boyfriend Mase Colt-Manning, but she has also discovered a family she didn't know she had. Reese has also finally found that she isn't stupid and has been able to overcome her dyslexia with the help of Mase and a tutor. But just as things are starting to look up for Reese, she finds herself moving in with Mase where his cousin Aida is far from welcoming. Reese wants Aida to like her and to see that her relationship won't come in the way of her spending time with Mase, but she finds herself wondering what Aida's motivation is as nothing she seems to do makes a difference. Aida's interest in Mase feels more than what it should to Reese, and she begins to see that Aida views her as her competition rather than as her cousin's girlfriend. With Aida stopping at nothing to get rid of Reese, will Mase see what is happening and stop it? Or will Aida and her manipulations ruin everything that Reese and Mase have built? 

I really loved Reese and Mase in When I'm Gone, and I loved them here as well. These two are perfect for one another, and I really enjoy them together. They are hot together and have a ton of chemistry, but they also really love one another and it shows in everything they do. I love the support and encouragement between them no matter what they do, and I think that these two are exactly what the other needs. I have to say though that Mase seemed to underestimate Aida, and even after learning how she felt about him he seemed to sort of allow her to get away with more than he should have. He seemed to be a bit naive when it came to her, and I couldn't believe how easily he would forgive her when it was clear that she didn't mean anything she was saying and that she was only manipulating things further. I have always hated Nan and thought that she was by far the worst character in this series, but Aida might have taken over for her in this book. 

Besides Aida and the crap that went down with her, I really felt like this book seemed to be a filler story. For at least the first half but probably up until about 75% of the way through this one, it seemed like all Reese and Mase seemed to really do was tell each other how much they loved one another and have sex. While some of that is great, I expect more to the story than that. I kept waiting for things to get going besides just the Aida drama, and it took quite awhile to get there. I really enjoyed seeing Captain and getting to know him, and I thought that his story was set up very nicely here. I am really intrigued by his character, and I am looking forward to more of him. While I love Reese and Mase, this book wasn't as good as the first and I was a bit disappointed with how things played out here.

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