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Friday, September 4, 2015

ARC Review: Her Stand-In Boyfriend by Kelly Jamieson

Her Stand-In Boyfriend is a short friends to lovers story from Kelly Jamieson. It is a standalone story with no cliffhanger. This one was a quick and easy read that was mostly enjoyable. I did have a few issues here, but there was plenty to like as well. 

Mac has been in love with his best friend Lexi for as long as he can remember, but Lexi has never shown any interest in him beyond friends. When he and Lexi have a few drinks after an event, they end up sleeping together and the sex is better than either of them have experienced before. While Mac things will change now, Lexi is determined to remain friends with added benefits. But when Lexi realizes that she might have some competition where Mac is concerned, she will have to make the decision on whether she should make him her actual boyfriend rather than just her stand-in boyfriend.

I really liked Mac and Lexi. I loved their connection and the chemistry between them. These two had such a great bond between them, and I really felt that it was more than friendship from the start. Though Lexi hadn't realized her feelings before, it felt to me like these two were more than just your typical friends. I do think that it was a bit odd that she never really noticed that her feelings were changing though, especially after they had slept together. I wanted her to start to realize that more than just being more physically attracted to him than she had been before. She didn't seem to see any difference until there was someone else in the picture and she was jealous. So while I started I felt like these two had a connection, it was hard to really believe that all of a sudden Lexi had realized that she was in love with Mac. It seemed really rushed, and I wanted her feelings to be real rather than just convenient when she was scared she would lose him to someone else. I felt like there could have been real feelings there and a lot of potential for their relationship change, but I just felt the way it was handled was awkward and came of as unrealistic. I felt bad for Mac for most of this story because it was clear that he loved her so much, and it was killing him to see her disregard him in the way that she did. 

I also felt like this story was pretty immature at times, and I didn't understand where that was coming from. These two together were really hot, and the steam between them was explosive. The author had no problems with showing exactly how attracted to each other they were, and the dirty-talking was good. But then she would randomly through in weird sayings rather than cursing in the same paragraph or sentence. Things like "holy snap" and similar dialogue made it hard to really get into this book at times. It didn't mesh with the other language used, and just felt out of place and odd. It got a bit too juvenile for me, and I wanted less of that and more of what her steamy scenes delivered. Overall, this was a good story and I liked the characters, especially Mac. I do think that it could have used some changes though in regards to the juvenile wording and the rushed feelings on Lexi's part.

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