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Thursday, September 3, 2015

ARC Review: Watch Over Me by Sydney Landon

When this book began, I was really hopeful, it seemed like a book that was right up my alley. There is a bossy alpha male, Dominic and a curvy chick with a little bit of an attitude Gwen who hook up pretty quickly. That’s pretty much all it takes to hook me, normally. My problem with this book…Well, I had several problems with this book so let me start with the first problem.

Gwen hooks up with Dominic after she is rejected by Mac who runs off and marries another chick like the day he dumps Gwen. Here’s where things get dicey though, Mac and Dominic are best friends and co-owners of a business. I thought for sure that was going to wind up being a big issue and I was looking forward to the drama/confrontation/whatever. But then, it doesn’t happen. Gwen just hooks up with Dominic and it’s as if the whole Mac thing never happened. I found that truly confusing.

My next issue were the friend scenes. Authors have to be careful about how they use supporting characters. In this book there were a lot of rambling conversations between Gwen and her best two girlfriends but I didn’t feel like it added anything to the story. And because it didn’t add anything, it took away from the story because there were way too many pages of Gwen just hanging out with and talking to her girls. I got to the point where I just started skimming those sections to get back to the actual story.

Next issue, I’m all for insta love except in this book. I just didn’t like the way the relationship between Gwen and Dominic began. It made Dominic seem kind of like an undiscriminating robot who couldn’t do anything but follow his penis. Yeah, yeah, I know that’s how all men are right? But no, seriously, we gotta give the guy some kind of internal thought process.

My last issue that I absolutely could not overcome was the writing of this book. I just did not like the writing. What I disliked the most was the language was used by the author. The references to people swooning every 12 pages, made me want to hurt somebody. And then there was all the really awkward slang being thrown around. For example, at one point Gwen says “holy wet panties” and I was like WHAT? WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!?!?!?! The language was just so cheesy I couldn’t get into what the author was actually saying.

And oh yeah, the sex scenes are really mediocre.

I am sorry, I gave it the old college try and based on other reviews out there a lot of people enjoyed this book. You can go ahead and give it a try but it wasn’t the book for me.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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