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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

ARC Review: Pulled Under by Sarah Darlington

Pulled Under is the third book in the Kill Devil Hills series by Sarah Darlington. This book can be read as a standalone as the characters are interconnected, but each book features a different couple. I would recommend reading these in order as there are some things that will be huge spoilers if you start here rather than at the beginning, but it isn't necessary. 

Rhett Morgan is known as the town manwhore. There were few women left in Kill Devil Hills that he hadn't slept with. He was also Sydney's first kiss. Sydney had always wanted Ben Turner, but he never saw her as more than a friend. Then two years later just when Sydney had finally thought something was developing between her and Ben, he died. Heartbroken and unable to get over losing Ben, Sydney sought out Rhett looking for something to distract her. But Rhett is tired of being known as the go-to guy for one-night stands, and he is determined to prove to Sydney that he is ready for more. 

I liked Sydney and Rhett. I felt like these two had a ton of chemistry and could have had a great connection. However I don't feel as though it was ever actually developed. There were huge chunks of time missing throughout this story, and for the most part, these were all chunks were Sydney and Rhett didn't see each other or speak. I never saw them get to know one another, and most of them time that they spent together was physical. I just wasn't able to buy into their insta-love and connection when we never really got to see them together. I thought that they were hot together, but that was all I really got between them as much as I would have loved to have seen more. Very few interactions took place between them before Rhett was suddenly in love with her and wanting more than just sex. I just didn't see it, even when I wanted to.

Besides the lack of development when it came to their relationship, I also felt as though the ending was extremely abrupt. In the epilogue, Rhett is still feeling insecure in their relationship and he is questioning whether they will still be together and they still hadn't told their friends they were dating. That told me that they clearly hadn't actually developed much of a connection or a strong commitment, or he wouldn't have been second guessing. Why Sarah Darlington decided to still be using the epilogue to try and develop their connection, rather than solidifying that earlier in the story, is something that I couldn't understand. Then it is just over, with little to no warning. It was very unsatisfying, and I couldn't believe that it was as abrupt as it was. So while I loved both Sydney and Rhett and wanted them together so badly, it never felt as though they were actually building anything or had a legit relationship. I felt like they had no real foundation moving forward, other than when it came to sex, and unfortunately it made this entire book seem as though nothing really changed or happened. It was unrealistic, and sadly disappointing. I did give this one 3 stars despite the issues I had because the characters were likable and the times they were together, I really loved them together. I desperately wanted more, as I think that these two could have had such a better story.

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