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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Audiobook Review: Sustained by Emma Chase, Narrated by Sebastian York

So.Damn.Good. I just want to sit and bask in the awesomeness that was Sustained. It was yet another book from Emma Chase that I loved and once again is solidifying why she is one of my favorite authors. From beginning to end I was hooked and I just couldn't get enough.

I'll be honest I wasn't 100% sure how I was going to like this book. I'm not the biggest fan of books with kids. 90% percent of the time I feel like they are used as props or comic relief and don't really bring much to the story and tend to annoy me. Yeah, that wasn't the case with with book at all. I honestly found myself craving scenes with the kids. I laughed at their antics and hurt when they hurt. I feel like Emma Chase brought each and every kid (there were 6) to life and gave them all personalities and made me fall in love with them all. They were adorable and I loved how they were with Jake. So damn cute.

Oh Jake. Jake, Jake, as hell Jake. I liked him. A LOT! He was sexy, fierce, passionate and so caring when it came to Chelsea and the kids. I loved his take charge ways and honestly I really loved him with the kids. Some of my favorite parts of this story revolved around him and the kids. As for him and Chelsea I thought that they had great chemistry together. They were hot and sexy and I was rooting for them from the beginning. I loved that they didn't immediately rush into things. They both got to know each other before things really took between them. And let me tell you, they were HOT together.

I will say that I do feel like Chelsea was a bit too much of a goody goody. She just came across as this perfect character and it just didn't ring all the way true to me. Maybe it's because the book is told in the POV of Jake only and he's only seeing the good but I would have liked her to be a bit more raw. Don't get me wrong, I liked Chelsea a lot.

Seriously though, these two together were so great. They were hot and sexy but also so much more. I loved that they became a team. They helped each other out and backed one another up. Theirs wasn't a rushed HEA. Their relationship was a slow simmer that built up throughout the book. It was intense at times and oh so sweet at others.

Let me just say that Sebastian York has one hell of a sexy voice. He can read me stereo instructions and I'll be hooked. I feel like his voice was just made to narrate Emma Chase books because he does her characters justice. He's able to convey so much and he makes me believe in the characters and their actions 100%. I felt like he brought Jake to life and I couldn't get enough.

Sustained really was a fantastic book and I just can't wait to read more from Emma Chase. I am loving this series and the characters that encompass it. I'm itching to get my hands on the next book something fierce. Seriously, I can't recommend this book enough.

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