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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Review: The Governess Affair by Courtney Milan

This is the first book for me of Courtney Milan's, and all I can think of is *SQUEE*!! I loved it so much I'm just dying to read a full length novel to see what she is trully capable of. I honestly think it must be extremely difficult for an author to convince a reader of true love in the short length of a novella. Courtney Milan did amazing, and I believe she must be commended for it.

Serena Barton is a recently dismissed governess. The poor thing cannot find new employment due to a spoiled, pig-headed, and all around horrible duke. She demands compensation for what he did, and the man pawns her off to his financial right-hand-man Hugo Marshall. Serena is stubborn and plants herself in front of his home everyday in the hopes of causing the Duke a scandal.

Hugo has a dream of becoming the wealthiest coal miner's son there ever was, and to do that he has made a bet with the Duke. He therefore finds himself having to deal with Serena in the hopes that he can still win his bet. He considers himself to be ruthless, and the way he does business proves it to the general public.

The two fall into a battle that was so much fun to read. The back and forth had me on the edge of my seat, and very impressed with both their ingenuity and commitment. Courtney Milan does a phenomenal job in my opinion of handling very difficult circumstances. I'm crazy excited to continue the series to see what more Milan can do with more time.

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