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Thursday, January 28, 2016

ARC Review: Full Domain by Kindle Alexander

Full Domain is the third and final book in the Nice Guys series from Kindle Alexander. I am sad to see it end as I have really enjoyed reading these books and getting to know these characters. The one thing I love is that Kindle has a way of giving us glimpses of characters in other books though, so hopefully this won't be the last we see of all these guys. I really enjoyed Kreed and Aaron's story though, and I thought it was a really great ending to the series.

Former Navy SEAL and current Deputy Marshal, Kreed Sinacola lives his life with honor and integrity. He doesn't mix his pleasure with business and has never been tempted to until he comes face to face with the computer hacker they have brought in to help solve his on-going case. More determined than ever to solve the case and get answers for his friend, Kreed is in a hurry to get things resolved quickly. But his attraction and connection to Aaron Stuart continues to grow the more time they spend together. Soon Kreed and Aaron are unable to fight what is between them, and both find themselves wanting more after the case is over. Kreed knows that Aaron is keeping something from him though and Aaron knows that revealing the truth will change everything. Can they possibly have a future with so many obstacles threatening to end them before they even start? 

I really liked Kreed and Aaron. It has been awhile since I read the previous books in the series, so these two didn't come back to me until I was a bit into the story. But I thought that Kindle did a great job of introducing these guys for readers who haven't read the previous books and a great job of refreshing our memories for those of us who had read but might not remember the details. Kreed was a lot of fun, and I loved his personality. He was able to dish it out with the best of them, and I loved that he was similar to Mitch in a lot of ways. Having been partners for so long, those two just fit one another. But it was seeing him with Aaron here that really made me love him. He was so protective of him, and while he wanted something and kept pushing in small ways it felt like he was doing exactly what Aaron needed. Aaron was a bit hard for me to understand at first. He was a bit temperamental and seemed to have mood swings from time to time. But the more that was revealed about his character, the more I felt like he was just a complex guy that had a lot beneath the surface. He was on the nerdy side in a totally adorable way, and yet when he got things going with Kreed he was hot and dirty and I loved it! The chemistry between these two was absolutely smoking, and I loved seeing the heat build. 

Overall, I really liked these guys and I thought that their story was a great way to end this series. This book was a bit slow at times, especially at the beginning. I was interested to see what would happen though, and I am glad that I stuck with it. There were several times that Kreed referred to Aaron as "kid" and "church boy" and I found that a bit annoying as it went on for the entire story. I understood that part of that was just Kreed's personality and part was him trying to put some space between him and Aaron while they were working the case together. But it just felt overdone and I was over it by the end of the book, especially when other characters even made it a point to bring it up to Kreed. But I still really liked this book and it was great to see the characters from the previous books again. If you are looking for a sexy M/M story with some suspense, I highly recommend Full Domain and the rest of the Nice Guys series. Kindle Alexander is my go-to author for well written and sexy M/M stories, and with each book I read from Kindle I know that I am going to really like it. Kindle's stories never fail to deliver the emotions as well as the steam, and I honestly can't wait to see what they write next!

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