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Sunday, January 24, 2016

ARC Review: Dirty Tricks by Emma Hart

Dirty Tricks is the fourth book in the Burke Brothers series from Emma Hart. While each book centers around the Burke brothers and the band Dirty B, each book is a standalone story featuring a different brother. I was really excited to get to know Kye better after reading the previous books. With Kye being the quiet one, I felt like he was pretty much a mystery. I loved seeing more of him here though. He is defnitely one of my favorites of the Burkes, though it is impossible not to love all of them. 

Having seen the rockstar life firsthand growing up with her dad, Chelsey Young knows exactly what it means to be with a rockstar. They party hard and with an endless supply of groupies they don't do more than one night. So when Kye Burke shows interest in her, Chelsey decides to be with him for one night. Except Kye wants more than just one night with her and has been biding his time before making a move. Kye does his best to show Chelsey what they could have, but she continues to turn him down despite the fact that they keep finding themselves thrown together. With Kye leaving soon for LA to record their new album, he knows that he has to figure something out with Chelsey quick. But can he convince her that everything she knows about rockstars is wrong when it comes to him? 

I could not have loved Kye more! He was so sexy and sweet, and he had the patience of an absolute saint! He never gave up on Chelsey and never resorted to going after other women. He was exactly the kind of hero that is impossible not to fall for. I loved his sweet side and how protective and caring he was, but I also loved how he was still fun and could joke around as well. Chelsey was a different story for me though. I understood that her upbringing and all she had been through had left her with a ton of fears and insecurities, and I didn't blame her for being on the skeptical side. However that got old after awhile, and the fact that Kye continued to show her that he was nothing like her dad over and over really made it hard to accept as it continued throughout this entire book. Even seeing Kye's actions, she made assumptions and judgments about him and would push him away. The running got very old and I was just over it by the time that I got to the end and she was still doing it. These two had great chemistry and when they were together a great connection, but I was just so over her hot and cold routine. 

While I absolutely adored Kye, I found Chelsey impossible to connect with. It wasn't that I disliked her, I just felt like she had too many issues and that she had a ton of attitude to the point that it was irritating. While I am all for girl power and not being easy, it just felt like Chelsey was so insecure and immature at times that she needed to really speak with someone about her issues besides just her friends. Kye was so loving and supportive and it was like nothing he did could get through to her. I didn't really find her sudden transformation at the very end to be believable when I hadn't seen her making any progress throughout the whole story. If I had seen her growing up and making changes over the course of the book that would have been a different story, but honestly if it wasn't for the fact that Kye never gave up and saw something in her, I wouldn't have cared at all. So while I absolutely loved Kye, this wasn't my favorite of the series. What I did love here (besides Kye) though was seeing all the Burke brothers and their girls. This family is so much fun and they are absolutely hilarious, and I adore the cute Mila and how she has the entire family wrapped around her tiny fingers. The camaraderie and love in this group is so strong, and I honestly just love reading about all of them. I would still recommend this book and the series to contemporary/new adult fans, especially if you like sexy rockers that have depth. I just wish that Chelsey had been a bit easier for me to like and relate to.

**ARC Provided by Inkslinger PR**

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