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Friday, January 29, 2016

ARC Review: My Sweet Demise by Shana Vanterpool

My Sweet Demise is Shana Vanterpool's debut novel and the first book in her Demise series. This book is a standalone, with the next book featuring a different couple of interconnected characters. Taking a chance on an author's debut novel is always a bit of a risk, but the blurb here was one I just couldn't pass up. While I had a lot of issues with this story, I had to finish it to see how things would turn out. 

When her roommate kicks her out, Raina needs a place to stay and quick. Each apartment available goes from bad to worse until she finally shows up at one with the hottest guy she has ever seen. Needing a place and having no other options, she agrees to be Kent Nicholson's roommate and wing woman in order to secure the room. But he is far worse than she first suspects. Though she knows she should stay away, the attraction between them is impossible to ignore. Though their connection is undeniable, each of them have trust issues that stand in their way of moving forward. But can they try together, or will they end in disaster?

I had moments where I genuinely liked both Raina and Kent. But for the most part, these two were so hard for me to feel anything for. Kent is an absolute jerk. Though he had brief moments where he wasn't, it was the entire book. I figured at some point he would get over that, but honestly he as Raina called him many times a pig. He has no issue using women and "punishing" them for something that someone did to him in the past. I just couldn't get over some of that, and this guy with his constant bagging of whores on his couch was just too much. (and yes that is how he talks and refers to the many girls he sleeps with) Raina was whiny and irritating for pretty much the entire story. She complained constantly and just grated on my nerves. While these two did have steam and a connection, they were just so hard to really feel invested in. Their relationship was all over the place and they both seemed bi-polar. One minute things were fine and the next they were at each other's throats and fighting for the dumbest reasons. I honestly didn't understand why they were fighting the majority of the time as it was the dumbest stuff possible. Everything was over the top and blown out of proportion. 

I also really hated Raina's sister. While at first she comes off as someone who is protective and just looking out for her family, she just got worse as the story went on. She was beyond protective and seemed downright controlling and judgmental. She was far too bitchy to like, and I couldn't believe the things she said and did in regards to Raina's life and to Raina herself. I absolutely loved Raina and Kent's other roommate James. He was sweet and adorable and I was so excited to see at the end of this book that his story is next. While I had problems with this book, I really loved him. But as much as I was excited to get his story next, I am also dreading it as the heroine is none other than Raina's sister Becca. I know I will end up reading it for my love of James, but I just hope that there is some redeeming Becca after how absolutely awful she was here. As much as I wanted to love this one, it just didn't work for me. While I couldn't put it down and had to finish, it was more that I couldn't look away as the accident was happening rather than I was truly enjoying this story. I think the potential was there, but unfortunately there were just too many problems here for me.

**ARC Provided by Author**

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