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Friday, January 29, 2016

ARC Review: Mercury Striking by Rebecca Zanetti

Mercury Striking was fast paced from page one, and it had me wanting to know more and more. Gosh it left me with that feeling so bad I want the next one, now! It is set in Los Angeles six months after a bacteria infected the US (maybe the whole world). This bacteria has three possibilities with anyone it infects that survives. 1. You might come out with some enhanced abilities as long as you stay up on vitamin injections. 2. You become a crazy person who just wants to bite people and eat them (zombie like but they're not dead). 3. You become a highly intelligent serial killer.

Lynne Harmony is on the run, and seeks help from a known community leader/soldier, Jax Mercury. She shows him and his scouting team her blue heart (which is a side effect of the only known cure for the bacteria). Everyone wants their hands on her for either her blood to find a cure, to trade her for supplies, or kill her because they think she is carrying a new form of the disease. Jax sees her value and takes her to his base pretty much as a hostage.

Both Jax an Lynne have learned a lot in this new world, and don't share their secrets all at once. Neither can risk the vulnerability or time a romantic relationship comes with. However, they are both almost instantly attracted to one another. It's a terrible situation where love might either be the worst thing imaginable or their only link to their humanity.

There are several intense intimate scenes so take note of that. You won't find fancy restaurants and candle light in this story but the intense environment brings along some strong protective thoughts, feelings, and actions that will make you swoon. I'm excited for the next book, to find out what happens next. This was the first book for me by Rebecca Zanetti and I am very interested now in her other books!

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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